CELEBRATION | Dessintey turned 5 years 🍾

16 September 2022

Yesterday, we celebrated an important milestone with all the Dessintey Team🥳.

Even though the story began almost 20 years ago, the adventure officially started in 2017 with the 3 co-founders Nicolas Fournier, Davy Luneau and Professor Pascal Giraux.

Alongside with the important local economic actors, this was a great occasion to:

  • 🙏Deeply thank all our partners for their flawless support from the beginning (with special thanks to Saint-Étienne Métropole)
  • 🔑Inaugurate our new production site
  • 🦵Officially launch our new device: IVS4

5 years from now, we will remember this day as a celebration of hard work, team effort and true dedication to improve people’s lives.

Photos: Jérôme Abou-Bernard

Dessintey 5 years
Dessintey 5 years
Dessintey 5 years