How to promote activity for elderly people?

28 mars 2024

On Tuesday, Dessintey was in south of France 🇫🇷 to test SRT5 device with elderly people.

Ageing population is a challenge for healthcare systems. Collectively, we need to find solutions to develop intensive and diversified care pathways.
Dessintey is committed to providing innovative solutions and has developed a new concept: SRT5 (Self Rehabilitation Technology).

This device stimulates the patient in an intuitive and playful way with a sphere manipulated in a single or two-handed mode.
🔹 SRT5 helps to reduce inactivity time.
🔹 The patient becomes actor in his or her own rehabilitation.
🔹 Practising activity consolidates and improves motor recovery, in addition to conventional therapy and prevents the risk of physical condition loss and autonomy loss

We tried this new device in a “EHPAD” (french residential establishments for dependent elderly people). Patients with different pathologies tried the device (Alzheimer, Parkinson, CRPS, spasticity, patients with prostheses, attention deficits, etc.).

We were really happy to see old ladies coming 2 or 3 times during the day, to practice exercises, instead of staying in their rooms.

The best feedback came from a son, visiting his mother, who had practised several times during the day: “this device is smart, easy to use, and we could totally play with her when we come with the children.”

That is totally the point with SRT5: involve everybody in the patient’s activity to accelerate recovery and maintain autonomy.

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Dessintey SRT5 for elderly people

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