Therapists – ATZ Autonomy Therapy Center, Aschaffenburg DE

06 Mai 2022

Testimonial from Mrs. Sarah Haase Physiotherapist & Mrs. Charlotte Heckmann, Occupational Therapist

We, as the Autonomy Therapy Center Aschaffenburg, are convinced that therapy with the Dessintey can have a positive effect on the success of a patient’s therapy. From a therapeutic point of view, the affected upper extremity is efficiently integrated into the treatment, the unit is individual and handling is very simple. For the therapist, there is a clear relief and change from the daily therapeutic routine. In addition, the patient’s compliance is increased because the actions in therapy can be realistically transferred to everyday life.


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IVS3 is now a MUST-HAVE device in FRANCE

IVS3 is now a MUST-HAVE device in FRANCE

French hospitals and clinics invest significantly on new technologies to improve their patient care services. Our IVS3 device plays a key role in the rehabilitation pathway, especially in neurologic field. This is a large success for our innovation in less than 4...

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