Roadshow | How to get into the US market?

11 April 2022

We don’t have the answer yet but we’ve just finished 2 exciting weeks showcasing our IV3 device for upper limb rehabilitation.

We were able to visit 6 hospitals and clinics and attend one scientific neurorehab congress.

And the feedbacks were really similar to what we experienced in Europe, especially with all centers which were able to test IVS3 with their patients.

👉 Seeing a session with a Patient is always different than just videos or story telling’s.

We are happy to share the 2 nice messages we received by email just after the demos:

“Thank you again for your presentation and opportunity to trial the Dessintey device yesterday. The staff and patients had very positive feedback and are very eager to get a device to use on a trial basis.”

“I heard very positive feedback from the therapists who worked with it. I think that, based on their feedback, there is a strong interest in exploring and studying the device even more. “

However, the healthcare system is very different.

This trip was also the opportunity to talk about the best way to implement IVS3 into the care rehabilitation pathway and fit with the healthcare organization.

We learned a lot from this tour.

But for sure, we need to come back soon.

Special Thanks: Business France Healthcare – North America (Elsa Rive and Thibault Renac)


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