Felix Gretarsson’s fascinating story

08 Juni 2023

Felix Gretarsson’s story is fascinating.

Felix is the first double arm and shoulder transplant in the world.

Yesterday, with our International Sales Partners, we had the chance to listen and exchange with Felix. It was an amazing moment for all of us.

In 1998 he got electrocuted in his line of work on a high voltage transmission line and lost both arms.

After five years of waiting for the right donor, Gretarsson received the daunting 15-hour operation in France in 2021.

It was conducted by Professor Jean-Michel Dubernard at Edouard Herriot Hospital in Lyon, France.

He started his rehabilitation program in Henry Gabrielle rehabilitation hospital (Lyon) including visuomotor simulation training approaches with our IVS3 technology.

“The IVS3 has been an essential addition to my rehabilitation program to stimulate neuroplasticity and functionality of the arms.
I had first the feeling my nerves were growing. Now I can move hands and fingers. I have currently exceeded all expectations of movements and continue to progress”
Gretarsson said.

Thank you Felix.

Felix Gretarsson’s website

Videos about Felix’s rehab

DESS_IN1_gretarsson copy 4
DESS_IN1_gretarsson copy
DESS_IN1_gretarsson copy 3
DESS_IN1_gretarsson copy 2

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