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18 octobre 2021

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SOFMER IVS3 brain reaction

How the brain react to IVS3 therapy? fNIRS & EEG

Answering this question is fundamental to understand the neurophysiological mechanisms behind the clinical efficacy of the IVS3 therapy and to move toward personalized rehabilitation programs.

Two communications at the SOFMER Congress are addressing this question / delivered by :

  • the PRM department of Saint-Etienne University,
  • the Stroke Unit of Orleans Hospital.
  • They conducted two independent parallel studies with EEG (Saint-Étienne) and fNIRS (Orléans).

    A first step, in normal subjects, shows contralateral sensorimotor activations in fNIRS, equivalent between IVS and Mirror Therapy (MT), and a higher activation in the contralateral precuneus with IVS versus MT.

    The EEG frequency analysis demonstrates that the contralateral post-movement Beta rebound, a marker of movement learning, is higher with IVS versus MT. Preliminary EEG results in stroke patients found the same higher Beta-rebound.

    Taken together, these results shows that IVS is taking advantage of its unilateral motor involvement as compared to the bilateral involvement with MT.

    * ARTHEMIRS : Évaluation de l’activation cérébrale lors de différentes modalités de thérapie miroir avec la fNIRS (functional near- infrared spectroscopy) chez le sujet sain
    Julien Bonnal (Orléans, France) , Nicolas Perret (Orléans, France) , Céline Gay (Orléans, France) , Tiphaine Marietta (Orléans, France) , Antoine Valery (Orléans, France) , Canan Ozsancak (Orléans, France) et Pascal Auzou (Orléans, France)

    * Identification et comparaison des bio-marqueurs EEG de la thérapie miroir et vidéo chez les sujet normaux et les patients AVC
    Ahmed Adham (Saint-Etienne, France) , Faustine Monin (Saint-Etienne, France) , Diana Rimaud (Saint-Etienne, France) et Pascal Giraux (Lyon, France)

    #therapiemiroir #medtech #AVC #collaboration #madeinfrance #Neuroscience #Neurologie #innovation

banner sofmer lille 36
SOFMER IVS3 brain reaction
SOFMER IVS3 brain reaction

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