Mr. Christopher Markus – Head of Occupational Therapy Team – Herford Therapy Center, DE

06 mai 2022

Testimonial from Mr. Christopher Markus, Head of Occupational Therapy Team at the Herford Therapy Center, DE.

The aspect of movement observation complements the therapy methods we have used so far very well, which, in addition to conventional hands-on therapy, consist of highly repetitive therapy measures in which we use sensor-based therapy systems (e.g. ArmeoSpring and Pablo). Therapy with the IVS3 enables us to give the patient a positive body schema and it is also possible to reestablish the connection to the affected side. This often enables the patient to have better perception and thus better access and also better therapeutic success with other therapies.
Some of our patients have already gained experience with mirror therapy; however, according to our patients, the effects here are by far not as immediately noticeable as with therapy with the IVS3.

markus christopher

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