IVS3 is now a MUST-HAVE device in FRANCE

20 mai 2022

French hospitals and clinics invest significantly on new technologies to improve their patient care services.

Our IVS3 device plays a key role in the rehabilitation pathway, especially in neurologic field.

This is a large success for our innovation in less than 4 years.

IVS3 is a unique technology dedicated to motor planning and central control of movement.

It is used in various specialties: neurology, post stroke unit, orthopedics, pediatrics, geriatrics…
Both public and private hospitals, as well as inpatient and outpatient centers rely on it.

It is a pleasure to have a high customer satisfaction rate, over 8/10.

IVS4 for lower limbs will follow soon and is highly awaited by therapists.

Going higher and worldwide is the next big step.

Thanks to all therapists who are using intensively our technology.

Thanks to all patients for all the nice testimonials we received.

Congratulations to our crazy team! 🤪

Read a selection of testimonials we received here.


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