Germany & France | Sharing experience and vision!

14 February 2023

🧠 What is the future of neurorehabilitation? What are the main trends?

More patients + heavier affected + less clinical resources?

  • How can we improve the clinical pathway for patients in acute phase?
  • How to implement new technologies?
  • How to combine IVS3 and IVS4 with other therapies?
  • What could be the optimized organization? Arm lab & Gait lab?

Few days ago, we had the pleasure to welcome one of our first customers in Germany, Klinik und Rehabilitationszentrum Lippoldsberg.

This was a wonderful opportunity to share our visions with management, doctor and therapists.

💡 Our partners are an incredible source of inspiration to develop new approaches

And we are very proud to announce:
📣 Lippoldsberg is our first IVS4 customer in Germany 😀!