Sometimes, nothing happens as planned… 🤯

31 Januar 2024

Last week, Dessintey’s team was in Malaysia with our distribution partner SANKHZ to introduce IVS technology and make demos on our IVS3 device.
But they had the (bad) surprise to find out the IVS3 was missing. The transporter had lost the device while shipping it to Malaysia. 😱

Anyway, show must go on. We agreed to do the visits and demos as scheduled.
The first day was more about scientific background and clinical studies about IVS, rather than patient care, but it was still interesting, and it brought lots of questions with OTs, PTs and doctors.
Therapists quickly understand the benefits for their patients, how they can improve their quality of life. But they also imagine how to combine IVS3 with other upper limb rehab devices in their centers, so the care pathway is intuitive and efficient for both therapists and patients.

Hopefully, in the meantime, missing IVS was found and delivered. 😌
Patients with many different pathologies have been able to try the Intensive Visual Simulation technology in order to work on:
🔹 stroke rehabilitation
🔹 spasticity
🔹 aphasia
🔹 poly trauma
🔹 etc.

The team had another misadventure on Thursday. The meeting they were supposed to have was cancelled due to several Covid-19 cases. That was an opportunity to do advance training and strategy planning before going to their last visits on Friday.

So, never give up if things do not happen the way they are supposed to.
It can still bring interesting experience… And it will become fun stories to tell later! 😅

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dessintey roadshow in Malaysia
dessintey roadshow in Malaysia
dessintey roadshow in Malaysia