IVS3 and IVS4 for post stroke rehabilitation in Italy

24 November 2023

 We are excited to share some interesting feedbacks from Italy where IVS3 and IVS4 have been introduced in hospitals to help patients rehabilitation after a stroke.

Dr Elena Rossato explains why the concept of mirror therapy is useful in the continuum of care.
But she also reminds us that Dessintey’s devices can be useful to treat phantom limb pain, by making the brain believe the non-existent limb can move normally, without pain.

We are looking forward to learning more about the research protocol set up by researchers in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department, to assess the effectiveness of these technologies in sensitivity disorders too.

Full article available 👉 https://www.veronasera.it/salute/riabilitazione-ictus-ospedale-negrar-tecnologia-neuroni-specchio-22-novembre-2023.html

    Dr Rossato explaining the mirror therapy in post stroke rehabilitation