Intensive Visual Simulation on Italian TV 🇮🇹

16 Februar 2024

Our partner Villa Berretta Rehabilitation Research Innovation Institute is now equipped with our IVS4 device (Intensive Visual Simulation).

Thanks to the support of the Credit Agricole Italy, the institute, already using IVS3, will be able to work on lower limb with stroke patients and other diseases to improve balance and gait.


Dr Franco Molteni is convinced IVS can help improve and accelerate patients recovery: “the problem is not the repetition of movement, but the ability to plan what to do. It’s not a problem of muscle power, it’s a problem of control of the body.”

Why is IVS a unique technology?
🔹 Intense immersion to reintegrate a healthy functional limb
🔹 Based on a high level of clinical evidence on VST approaches and as Mirror Therapy, Action Observation or Mental Imagery
🔹 Accessible to flaccid patients and cognitive disorders
🔹 Can be used early start of therapy,
🔹 “Enhanced assistant” offers diversified exercises
🔹 Few exclusion criteria
🔹 Ultra-easy to handle: 30 sec. to start a session
🔹 Can be combined with conventional approach and robotic devices

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