Mr Daniel Riese – Head of Therapy Team – Valens Rehab Center, CH

04 septiembre 2023

Testimonial from Mr. Daniel Riese, Head of Therapy Team, Member of the Clinic Board & Physiotherapist MSc, cand. PhD, at the Valens Rehab Center, CH.

“The Valens rehabilitation center uses Dessintey’s IVS3 therapy device primarily with post-stroke patients and has seen significant benefits in this context. The IVS3 provides an improved body image by observing movements and helping to integrate the affected limb with the brain.

Compared to previous experience with conventional mirror therapy, the effects are more eye-opening Patients report feeling a stronger presence of the affected side and benefit from the visual variety. This promotes their motivation to participate more actively in the therapy.

From a therapeutic perspective, the device offers facilitation of integration of the affected upper extremity, ease of use, and relief in everyday therapy. An increased compliance of the patients can be observed, since the therapy experiences can be realistically transferred to everyday life. In addition, the device could be integrated into existing therapy programs at Valens in an efficient and personnel-friendly manner.”


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Mr. Felix Gretarsson

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