Ms Meri Pekkanen – Chief Occupational Therapist in Primary Care – Helsinki, FI

04 septiembre 2023

Meri : “How does this training feel with the IVS3 device?”
The patient: “It feels really good. My brain is slowly starting to believe that this is my left hand that can be seen on the screen.”
We use the IVS3 device, which utilizes the principles of mirror therapy, both with neurological department rehabilitators and with various patients from the open side! Both patients and therapists are excited about the device. 😍

The patient in the video says that “this is the highlight of the week when you get to work out here” 😎

The patient is 68 years old and he has had a brain event. Behind him is 3.5 months of rehabilitation in the neurological department. After that, the patient went home and became a patient of the rehabilitative assessment unit. The patient has received occupational therapy in the ward and now on the open side, where IVS3 training was started. The goal is to be able to play the violin! 🎻

Practicing with IVS3 has improved fine motor skills and playing the violin has started to go smoothly with the practice. Taking frets from the fingerboard requires even more practice.

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Mr. Felix Gretarsson

The IVS3 has been an essential addition to my rehabilitation program to stimulate neuroplasticity and functionality of the arms.

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