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Public Health | One Stroke happens every five seconds Worldwide

16 November 2022

First cause of adult disability in France; 1,400,000 people are affected by a stroke in Europe and 12 million in the world each year.
The World Health Organization refers it as pandemic and projects an increase in the incidence of strokes, from 16 million in 2005 to 23 million in 2030.

👉15% of strokes occur in people under 50
👉25% among those under 65, among people in professional activity or of legal working age
👉+ 50% in people aged 75 and over

¾ of patients surviving a stroke have sequelae.

It is for them that we develop innovative and effective rehabilitation solutions, as part of a complete care pathway in complementarity with other devices.

Real tool for therapists, our IVS innovation improves patient’s motor skills and reduces pain by working on brain plasticity, thanks to the use of mirror therapy and movement visualization.

Committed to a responsible and inclusive approach, we make the autonomy of patients with disabilities our main challenge.

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