DGNR Congress in Augsburg, Germany 🇩🇪 | Scientific testimonial

16 December 2023

DGNR took place in Augsburg, 14-16th December 2023.

We had the pleasure to hear Juliane Ebert, from Kliniken Valens, speaking during the first symposium of the congress: Neuroimaging in neurological rehabilitation.

Her testimonial was about how the use of neuroimaging offers new possibilities in upper limb motor recovery after stroke.

She insisted on two important facts:
1️⃣ Movement imagination/observation is an important part of the rehabilitation process, but is under use and sometimes reduced to a small part of the therapy session

2️⃣ Intensive Visual Simulation (IVS) is a very effective approach to introduce motor imagery and movement observation to a wide range of patients without exclusion criteria.

In the same time, the DACH team Stephan Fuchs and Florian Hellmann have been welcoming many people to our booth to introduce our now well-known IVS3 and IVS4 devices to physiotherapists, doctors and occupational therapists. They were also very interested in our two new concepts we are introducing in Germany for the first time.

You will find out more about these on our new Instagram account in the next few days: www.instagram.com/dessintey

Symposium Juliane Ebert on IVS - DGNR Augsburg 2023
symposium juliane ebert ivs - dgnr augsburg december 2023