Ageing population is a challenge for healthcare systems

02 April 2024

“Dessintey a pour cheval de course le vieillissement de la population, la pénurie de soignants et l’inactivité.”
(Source : Lyon Capitale)

Ageing population is a challenge for healthcare systems.
Furthermore, with current resources and organisations, it is becoming more and more difficult to meet international guidelines in terms of rehabilitation intensity.
Studies show that increasing patients’ activity time is a key factor in functional recovery and maintaining autonomy.

That is why Dessintey develops a new innovative approach, the guided self-rehab lab:
🔹 Involve patients in their own rehabilitation
🔹 Rely on therapists and relatives to motivate patients and increase the amount of daily activity
🔹 Reduce inactivity time
🔹 Consolidate and improves motor recovery, in addition to conventional therapy

That’s what we are going to pitch in 6 minutes to Medi’nov final innovation contest this week, in Lyon 🇫🇷, as you can read it in Lyon Capitale:

Come and visit us during the Médi’Nov Connection Event, 3 and 4th April.
We will introduce our new concept SRT5, an ultra intuitive and playful device to stimulate the patient outside conventional rehabilitation sessions. The patient focuses on the execution and repetition of movement using cognitive and motor activities.

See you there!

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