A first in Hainaut 🇧🇪 !

27 March 2024

EpiCURA hospital has just equipped with Dessintey IVS3 (Intensive Visual Simulation) to helps its patients recover from stroke, SRPC, trauma, etc.

For many patients, action planning is altered or non-existent. They lose awareness of their own body, but also the memory of motor functions.
IVS3 is a unique technology dedicated to motor planning & central control of movement, for upper limb rehabilitation.

You may have heard of this smart technology on RTL info earlier this week:
📻 www.rtl.be/page-videos/belgique/societe/lintelligence-artificielle-au-service-de-la-reeducation-des-patients/2024-03-25/video/651976

You can also read a really nice article on l’Avenir media:
📰 www.lavenir.net/regions/2024/03/20/epicura-se-dote-dun-outil-destine-a-ameliorer-la-recuperation-motrice-des-patients-cest-une-premiere-en-hainaut-NUHIBN7Y3ZGFRFDDR2Z64XIVCE/

Epicura is the first hospital equipped with Dessintey’s technology in the Hainaut region, near Mons, thanks to our partner Arseus Medical.

We are looking forward to hearing patients and therapists’ feedbacks in the future.

article sur IVS3 Dessintey en Belgique, centre hospitalier EpiCURA