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Research | What is going on at Dessintey headquarter 🤪?

07 February 2023

🧠 What are they doing with these objects on their heads?
Any idea?

👉 Measuring cortical activation when performing Action Observation / Motor Imagery / Motor Execution on our IVS4 with both:

  • EEG: electroencephalogram
  • fNIRS: functional near-infrared spectroscopy

In collaboration with Saint Etienne University Hospital & Orleans University Hospital

We will keep you informed as soon as we get the first results.

Looking forward 😉

#medtech #neurorehabilitation #research


Other news

Our IVS technology is travelling… A lot

Our IVS technology is travelling… A lot

Our IVS technology is travelling … a lot. And KOREA 🇰🇷 is one of its favorite destinations.
Why? Because our local Partner is very committed to develop the local rehabilitation market. And they are already sucessful.

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Join us! | 📣 We are hiring!

Join us! | 📣 We are hiring!

Among Dessintey’s values: Have fun 🤪
These last days, we had the pleasure to meet our German team to work but also to spend good moments all together. We can be serious without taking ourselves seriously… 😉

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