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IVS4 | World premiere at Hôpital Léon Bérard 🚀

28 October 2022

Train your brain, to learn how to walk again 🚶

Yesterday, Pierre VIGNAUD, Product Manager and Physiotherapist set up the first IVS4 !

A worldwide event that all the Dessintey Team is very proud of, after 15 years of hard work and clinical research.

Vision plays an essential role in the early stages of reconstructing body image and motor control. With intense immersion, the IVS4 allows the patient to reintegrate a healthy functional limb and focus on the representation of analytical movement.

Adapted to wheelchairs, the IVS4 allows patients to work seated to learn basic movements and more complex coordination, then in a standing position for a functional approach to balance and walking.

Easy to use and ergonomic, usable sitting or standing, the IVS4 device contributes to improving the quality of life of patients with disabilities.

We deeply thank all the team of Hôpital Léon Bérard for their trust, their welcoming and enthusiasm.

By limiting the exclusion criteria and developing an effective and innovative solution, Dessintey is drawing a new rehabilitation path that opens the way to a return to autonomy for many patients.


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Join us! | 📣 We are hiring!

Join us! | 📣 We are hiring!

Among Dessintey’s values: Have fun 🤪
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